History is our Guide to the Future

This website is my way of sharing who I am and how I see the world around me. Here are four of my main interests:

  • Our family is our core social group. Genealogy, also known as Family History provides a window to our family’s past. Learning about our historical extended family’s history helps us to better understand who they were, who we are, and who we can become.
  • Communicating with others, whether through oral communication, the written word, or video and audio media, allows us to learn from each other, expanding our understanding.
  • Photography lets us record our experiences to share with our immediate family, our extended family, and with the world.
  • Travel allows us to meet our fellow human beings in countries and cultures around the globe. We can visit places we have only read about or seen in visual media. We can view great art in museums, dine on local cuisine, and get to know the people of other places and how they live. The far corners of the world are easier to reach than ever.

genealogist, photographer, speaker, traveler