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Genealogy Topics

The following is a list of genealogical  categories and the presentations falling under each. All presentations in blue text are either freshly written, or updated in 2017.  This is an ongoing process. All presentations will be reviewed and updated by the speaker prior to giving a lecture.

Genetic Genealogy

  • About DNA Projects
  • Genetic Genealogy 101
  • Maximize the Power of Your DNA Test Results
  • Practical DNA for Genealogy
  • Resources for the Genetic Genealogy Newbie
  • Overview and Comparison of Major DNA Testing Companies

BMD – Births, Marriages and Deaths

  • Getting Vital Records in the Era of Privacy Rights

Census Records

  • Historical Overview of the Census in the United States
  • Census Substitutes – What Can They Tell Us?

Cemeteries, Burials and Headstones

  • A History of Grave Markers – X Marks the Spot
  • Paparazzi in the Cemetery – Headstone Photography for the Genealogist

General Genealogy Topics

  • Genealogy for the Newbie

German Genealogical Research

  • Accessing and Using German Church Records
  • German Archives Online
  • German Genealogy Overview
  • German Migration to Tsarist Russia — Why Did Your German Ancestor Come From Eastern Europe? – 2 hrs.
  • Prussia to Russia and Beyond — Mennonite Emigration – 2 hrs.

Immigration and Naturalization

  • A History of Naturalization – 1790 to Present
  • Ship’s Passenger Lists – The Human Inventory of Immigrants

Irish Genealogical Research

  • Irish Genealogy Overview
  • Using Irish Church Records
  • Using Irish Government Collections

Internet Resources for Genealogy

  • Accessible Archival Assets
  • Amazon’s Amazing Offerings
  • Family Search in the Digital World
  • Using Google as Your Research Assistant
  • Social Media for the Genealogist
  • The Card Catalog – a Power Tool
  • Using to its Full Potential

Land Records

Norwegian Genealogical Research

  • Resources for finding Norwegian Ancestors
  • Norwegian Genealogy Overview
  • Using Norwegian Church Records

Probates and Wills

Regional Resources For Genealogical Research

Research Methodology

  • Conquering a Fear of Brick Walls – Break on Through to the Other Side!

Swedish Genealogical Research

  • Resources for Finding Swedish Ancestors
  • Swedish Genealogy Overview
  • Finding Morfar in Sweden – How Did Grandpa Get Here?
  • Using Swedish Church Records

Tax Records as a Resource

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